My #1 Priority is My Miracle Morning Routine!

I’m writing this post for very selfish reasons. 🙂

Last week, Emily and I attended a FANTASTIC seminar hosted by Hal Elrod, the best-selling author of The Miracle Morning.

[UPDATE: I’m proud to announce that I am the co-author of the newly released The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers which is now a #1 Amazon Best Seller! Anyway, back to the original post…]

A great event is impossible to describe in a sentence or two, so I won’t try. But the purpose of the event was to give people a blueprint for making 2015 their best year yet…and it definitely delivered.

So, I selfishly thought that I would share my #1 objective for this year with you. Why? Because then I’ll feel like an idiot if I don’t stick to it! It is accountability through public humiliation! 🙂

On top of that…maybe seeing my #1 objective will help you think through yours in some small way. Share yours with the world as well and we can risk public humiliation together!

My #1 objective for this year is to practice my “Miracle Morning” daily and to actively defend it from threats such as email, text messages, Facebook, super-late nights and Emily. (lol…actually, she does it with me and helps hold me accountable…she’s amazing.)

What the heck is a Miracle Morning? You’d have to read Hal Elrod’s book for the full run-down, but it is basically your own morning routine that is (hopefully) packed with rituals that set you up for a great day and a more rewarding life.

I’ve always had certain daily rituals for business and for my personal life such as reading, working out, reviewing the day, planning the next day, etc.

I’m naturally a night-owl (that’s an understatement), so I would usually do these things at night. However, I definitely find that starting my day this way instead of ending it definitely makes for a more productive and efficient day.

“Every other area of my life is better when I am implementing these daily practices. That’s it!”

So, in the interest of holding myself accountable (selfish!), here is my “Miracle Morning” routine and a few thoughts on each item:

8:00am – Wake up! – I know…8am is not that early, but it is WAY earlier than I have waken up for most of my post-college life. Baby steps! 🙂

Brush teeth (2 min) – Duh. Why include this seemingly obvious step? Because I want my morning routine to be VERY detailed and repetitive in order to avoid decision fatigue. It’s definitely a thing…check it out!

Protein Shake (2 min) – A glass of water immediately upon waking helps you wake you up and hydrate you AND consuming 30g. of protein within 30 minutes of waking has a lot of benefits. Done!

Run (30 min) – Three important things that happen here aside from the obvious cardio benefit: 1) it wakes me up, 2) I can listen to amazing podcasts and audiobooks that inform and inspire, 3) I get some very important vitamin D to start my day.

High-Intensity Workout (5 min) – Bodyweight exercises (sit-ups, push-ups, etc.) to failure in order to stimulate muscle-growth. I’m currently doing one movement per day to failure (i.e. push-ups until you can’t anymore) and rotating movements each day to allow for recovery time.

Recover with glass of water and a lemon (5 min) – The water is obvious, and there are lots of benefits to lemons in the morning, but the truth is simply that I crave them after a good workout. Weird!

Affirmations (5 min) – This is new to me and inspired by the Miracle Morning book. I quietly read affirmations that affirm my personal goals in all areas of life and the person that I am/want to be.

Meditation (20 min) – This is BRAND NEW to me and I’m loving it so far. I’ve always been HIGHLY skeptical of meditation. But there are too many successful people that I respect that endorse it for me to ignore it any longer. After trying many guided meditations with mixed results, I was introduced to Holosync and it has been a game-changer! Holosync is a set of scientifically validated audio tracks that manipylate your brainwaves with sound frequencies. I know, it sounds crazy, but I noticed a HUGE difference the first time I used it and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Journal (5 min) – I have a history of starting a journal and never looking at it again for a year or two. Now, I’m using the 5-Minute Journal and loving it. I use the phone app but Emily prefers the real version.

Practice Spanish (15 min) – I really want to be fluent in Spanish. So, I’m use the app Duolingo.

Nutrition Break (10 minutes) – Emily and I eat some eggs, take our daily supplements and have a cup of Bulletproof Coffee. I hate coffee, but I like caffeine. So, normally my coffee would be loaded with sugar to make it bearable. Adding quality butter to coffee (Bulletproof recipe) is a much healthier game-changer. I know…it sounds crazy, but every single person I share it with freaks out and says it is amazing!

Practice Speed Reading (5 min) – What skill could be more important than being able to learn faster? I practice these exercises for 5 minutes to “warm-up” my eyes for a reading session.

Read (50 min) – The important thing for me here is that I am reading with a pen in hand and my computer in front of me. That way, I can take notes, highlight, and make sure that I am extracting the best of whatever book I am reading for future reference.

Shower and get ready (30 min) – It doesn’t really take me 30 minutes to shower and get ready, but I block out this much in case I’m running a little behind for some reason.

“Yes, my routine has evolved into a 3-hour monster (that I love!), but a simple 30-60 minute routine will still change your life.”

So, there it is! That’s my morning routine for now. I’m sure it will continue to change and evolve, but the important thing is that it happens every day. Let me tell you…when your day starts this way (or your own version of it), the rest of your day is AWESOME.

Why is my #1 goal for the new year to practice my “Miracle Morning” daily? Because, every other area of my life is better when I am implementing these daily practices. That’s it!

Bonus tip: I am now using my phone’s “Do not disturb” feature in the morning so that no calls, texts or notifications will be fighting for my focus.

Finally, if you’d like to dive deeper in this topic, I’d definitely suggest reading The Miracle Morning. Yes, my routine has evolved into a 3-hour monster (that I love!), but a simple 30-60 minute routine will still change your life.

Although I wrote this for me (selfish!), I hope that some of the above ideas and resources will be valuable to you! One of my secondary goals is to be more consistent at sending valuable content to the awesome people like you that choose to follow me in various ways (email, Facebook, blog, etc.).

Make this your best year yet! 🙂


p.s. Now that it is out, be sure to check out the #1 Best Seller The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers, by Hal Elrod and me, Pat Petrini!